Our Vision

For the 10th Anniversary of the Greenbelt Forest Preserve in 2013 our vision is to:

Celebrate joyously, passionately and frequently our Community’s achievement in saving Greenbelt forest land from development and creating a safe refuge where wilderness thrives.


Honor our natural heritage and name sake.


Educate our community about the history and importance of saving our Green Belt and to assure its unique legacy continues for future generations of forest stewards.


Create an inclusive atmosphere in which all of Greenbelt can enjoy some aspect of this celebration.


Partner with various organizations and individuals to successfully integrate the arts, sciences, and spiritual and personal experience as pathways to honor, cherish and celebrate our Forest Preserve.


Reconnect with our forest intuition by providing opportunities to engage in passive recreation activities.


Recognize and Thank those who worked so hard to save the woods and to create the Forest Preserve.





Support the Greenbelt Forest Preserve

Show your support for the woods with a handmade Keep it Wild and Wooded Bracelet or an original art celebration t-shirt. Visit our Support Us page for more details.

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